Meeting Rooms

Unique, functional and well designed meeting space solutions
in the Portland, Maine area.

Hospitality Meets Functionality

Our meeting rooms strike the balance between hospitality and functionality. Depending on you or your clients’ needs, we have packages that provide everything from a simple white board and HDTV to a fully furnished, glass office with complimentary bottles of wine. Let our guest concierge escort your clients into an environment designed for productivity and comfort.

The Situation Room

This meeting room seats five and is equipped with a privacy screen, television with A/V hookups and a white board for brainstorming.

Best Used For

Ideal for video conference calls, private client meetings or recording your latest podcast.


The situation room is 15 credits an hour for members and $20 an hour for non-members.

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<b>The Situation Room</b>

The Executive Board Room

The executive board room seats 8-10 and is equipped with a white board and Apple TV with A/V hookups.

Best Used For

The board room is an ideal meeting room for team collaboration and client relations as well as brainstorming sessions, pitches and monthly board meetings.


The board room is 25 credits an hour for members and $30 an hour for non-members.

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<b>The Executive Board Room</b>

The Training Room

The Training Room is equipped with a large screen and an HDMI projector. There are three white boards and floor to ceiling retractable glass doors. The space seats 26 with tables 60 without tables.

Best Used For

Use this room for anything from a yoga studio to a place to pitch potential investors. We have hosted annual meetings, group trainings, seminars and much more.


The Training Room can be rented for $75 per hour. Please call ahead to schedule as this room tends to book quickly.

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<b>The Training Room</b>

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